You are a caged, zoo penguin.  You must entertain your crowds, you must attract their children toward your cage bars, and you MUST bite the delicious hands that reach out for you.

One day the children will learn... DON'T TOUCH THE PENGUIN

Movement: WASD
Bite peoples’ hands: Spacebar
Do a trick with the fish: Spacebar
Kick other Penguins: Spacebar

(Full-screen mode is recommended.)


Bite the hands of the people who gather to pet you! But be careful, your dissatisfaction will rise with each hand bitten! Higher dissatisfaction levels will discourage people from coming to your exhibit, while a very high dissatisfaction will result in a game over.

Reduce dissatisfaction by performing a trick with the fish (a spotlight indicates when the fish is ready) and by kicking other penguins!

Leave your high score in the comments, and tell us your thoughts here on our survey :)


  • Alex Bonesteele - AI Programmer
  • Kevin Bryan - Programmer & Designer
  • Wilson Comer - Character Artist
  • Cat Levine - Co-Producer & Audio/Level Designer
  • Jake Shillan - Co-Producer & UI Designer
  • Cody Stamm - Environment Artist
  • Mariah Young - UI & Tone Artist

Audio Credits:

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(1 total ratings)
AuthorsJake Shillan, Cat_The_Late, Kevin Bryan
Made withUnity


Download 115 MB


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